Haalia AI, RealTime Analytics of Audience Emotion and Reactions

What if you can learn what your customers really want?
RealTime Analytics of Audience Emotion and Reactions",

Haalia was born to help you learn from what people really feel so that you can create content your audience really want to consume.

We apply Artifical Intelligence and Deep Learning to deliver accurate feedback about your video emotional timeline.

Our algorithms identify unbiaised trustful data such as facial emotions and body languages reactions. Then we automatically discover your audience's feeling in real-time.

By the way, Haalia can analyze a single face live webcam or an entire audience in a movie theater, art gallery and so on from multiple camera sources in real-time!

What We Offer

Plug&Play Software.

Show us the venue, and within 24 hours we will have it full rigged up with our state of the art kit


High Quality Reporting

We deliver full interactive reports during and after the event. Timelines, Charts, Insights. You can drill down to every detail and understand the most emotional moments.

Predictive Analysis

Statistics and Information to help you plan your next campaign, tv ads or product. Our crowdsourced analytics will help you plan exactly how long that gripping scene should be!